International mother language day

International mother language day observed on 21st February in every year. On this day all religious people promote your own languages. According to me, mother language must be promote all days. We have all need to feel proud about our own mother tongue.
Mother dayI see language teacher always trying to promote their language and those teacher feel proud with their mother language. Some of the time I see those student learn or study with their own mother language they also feel proud about their mother tongue. Those teacher and student always talk to try their own language.

So, I always advise you to love your mother language. If you love your mother language then you don't need a special day to celebrate mother language day. Some of the student those are learn in international language and they forgets their mother language. To learn in international language it's not bad but I suggest them to don't avoid their own mother language. If you avoid your mother language to day after some days you will see your mother language will be invisible.

In this International mother day I want to see how much love your mother language. So, comment below with your mother language. I hope you love your mother tongue. Proudly comment with your own language. Thank you for reading this post.

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