Best Live Streaming Software for Facebook, YouTube & other social media

Best Live streaming software for Android and computer: if you are searching to run live pre-recorded video's to your Facebook page, Facebook group, Facebook account or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram for many others social media platform then I will help you in this post. 

Why pre-Recorded video: many people are are not interested to create own video or they never want to come live with their own face. Or people want to run live stream their own old video. That means they uploaded any social media or Google drive or anywhere in the internet. Then again they can live with those video through live streaming software. run live stream from others video just copying the others videos link and paste in the the software.  


Pre-recorded video live streaming benefits: 

i) no need to make video, so save your time 

ii) no need software login in full streaming time 

iii) no need more internet data, so save data balance 

iv) multiple live streaming in same time 

v) you can run live streaming when you are busy for your work.  


Streaming software is very useful for social media to earning money. most of the people want to live streaming from Android and also want to save data and time. Now I am helping you to save your time and your data. And also you will run live stream from your mobile and computer.  

Live streaming software name is GoStream. This software have two versions, one version is for Android and another version is for computer. GoStream app is for mobile. Those People want to run live streaming from mobile there for GoStream app. and those people want to run from computer they can use official website of gostream.   

This is the best live streaming software because this tool is very easy to use. Use easily and save their time and data.  Live streaming app GoStream have many paid plane and also free plan. In frre plan you can run one live stream in a day with their watermark. If you purchase paid plane then you can run live stream without watermark and more live streaming in a single day. They are plan is very cheap accordingly features.  

How to download: You can download GoStream app from Google Play Store and also you can download directly from clicking here.  

  Download Now

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